I’ve lived in San Francisco for over 20 years now. At some point I decided to photograph the people, places and things I came across. This is what I’ve seen.
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The tech boom in San Francisco along, with the 2016 elections, left a lasting mark on the city. Long-time residents are increasingly feeling forced to the margins. Its population and skyline are changing at an alarming rate. Anxiety and disenfranchisement is manifested on the city’s walls and sidewalks where people’s divisions are made clear. The city long regarded for its vibrancy and inclusion appears increasingly broken.
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In Passing
San Francisco is no longer the city people have long-associated with counter-culture and general quirkiness. But those moments and characters which made San Francisco what it was still exist, if you look hard enough.
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The In-Betweens
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San Francisco has more people living within its city limits than ever before. Paradoxically, the ubiquity of smartphones and an influx of newcomers riding the tech wave, has created a deep, resounding environment of detachment. Around every corner you can observe people intensely trying to ignore each others’ presence.
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One-off photographs of interest.
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